Harshini J. Karunaratne | When once the sky was blue
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When once the sky was blue

About This Project

In the not-so-distant future, the world has been consumed by darkness. In this eerie world stand three cloaked figures, glowing in the darkness. They beckon you to come closer, and in a collective voice say to you: “Do you remember when the sky was blue?”


This immersive web experience aims to deal with eco-grief and collective trauma during the Anthropocene. Through poetry, visuals and immersive sound, be guided through a journey exploring three ecosystems from the comfort of your home. You choose where to begin in this performance encouraging mindfulness practices.


The performance premiered online in July 2021 with the National Women’s Theatre Festival (US) in their summer WTFRINGE21 festival, and in September 2021 with Burning Man’s Sparkleverse online. It also showed at the Athens Digital Arts Festival from May 25-29, 2022 as part of their Web Art selection under the theme FutuRetro.



Written and directed by: Harshini J. Karunaratne
Sound design and narration by: Keira J. Simmons
Programmer: Naushikha Jayawickrama
Dramaturg: Carlos Paez
3D artist: Leo El-azhab

Special thanks to: Judi Olson, Arthur de Oliveira, Gabriel Jimenez, Zx! Software

With support from: Theater Mitu Hybrid Arts Lab



“An immersive and truly sublime virtual reality theater experience.” – Indy Week

We were featured in Indy Week. Read the review here.


North Carolina (US) and online (2021) & Kotzia Square, Athens (Greece) (2022)