Harshini J. Karunaratne | Siren Spirit
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Siren Spirit

About This Project

At the time of my birth, an astrologer told my family that I should stay away from water. In ‘Siren Spirit’, I look at the emergence and disappearance of myths of mermaids and sirens as a way to examine hybrid bodies, between technological possibilities and new forms of humanity. Created both as a live audiovisual performance, as well as a video installation, the work experiments with digital tools, methods of filming the dancing body and processing digital data as one would a sculpture. A self portrait where I examine the myth of Ophelia, one seen through the empowering image of the siren as opposed to the sexualization of the mermaid, while doing away with the male gaze or the Shakespearian romanticism of the helpless female body.


Digital Prophesies exhibition, Cairo, Egypt