Harshini J. Karunaratne | Sacred Body
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Sacred Body


Photographed in the United Arab Emirates Exhibited in Galerie Depelmann in Langenhagen, Germany.

About This Project

Sacred Body is a transmedia art project that approaches the climate action discourse through gender inclusivity. This means shifting the language often attached with describing nature, and eliminating the separation between the body and nature and instead seeing one as an extension of the other. In removing the binary between nature and the self, the project aims to promote a gender-neutral perspective as a way to re-frame climate action discourse.


Sacred Body takes the form of a series of fabric objects, a photography series and a virtual experience titled, “When once the sky was blue.”


Some of the photographs in the collection can be viewed here.


“Sacred Body, Portrait II,” shown here, was nominated for the Kuntpreis Deutschland (The German Art Award) in 2021. It is currently on display at Galerie Depelmann as part of a group exhibition.



Fabric constructed by Judi Olson

Photography by Arthur de Oliveira and Harshini J. Karunaratne

Additional assistance onsite by Gabriel Jimenez


This work was made possible by the Theater Mitu Hybrid Arts Lab.